Inquisitive Slaps

From the filmmaker John Carpenter’s film, “They Live” (based on Ray Nelson’s 1963 short story Eight O’Clock in the Morning.)

I remember the unbelievably overwhelming feeling the first time I went to time square. It represents the beauty of Glamorized capitalism and made me think there must be so much exploitation going on over the world in the fight to be a part of this beautiful chaos. I have always been the kind who likes to do the opposite of what I am being told to do (my parents used to tell me the opposite of what they want me to do, so that I did what they wanted to do.) I don’t know what exactly is the reason for this way of thinking but it is just how I am. For this specific reason, advertisements have very rarely managed to manipulate me, they in fact repulse me more. I had read somewhere that in order to be successful as an entrepreneur, create a need and then become the necessity. I feel like we see this in practice all around us nowadays. There was a time when android phones were evolving and uber was introduced in the market. My phone ws outdated within three months of purchase and I couldn’t afford a new one. I had to go somewhere far from the city and had to get an Uber so asked my friend to book it for me. The uber driver turned off his tracking device as soon as he figured out I didn’t have the app. There was a high chance I could have been kidnapped that day. But thankfully nothing happened. I will never forget that moment when owning a phone with certain specifications dictated my safety. I panicked and ordered a new phone as soon as I got home that day. I would like to pose a question to everyone, does advertisements influence you more? Or do you get a product because it is difficult to survive the city life without it?